Augmented Consulting Solutions Pty Ltd

A Leading Australian Private Health Insurance Company

“The beta version has already assisted in decision making, understanding competitor movements and emerging trends.”

A representative from a leading Australian health provider spoke with us about their journey. Their feedback on their experience has once again affirmed why our customers continuously choose us as their business solutions provider. Read on below to find out more.

The Client

My role is to be responsible for our company’s product portfolio. That is, managing the lifecycle of all our PHI and OVC product and product related services; this includes all stages, from concept to market, to monitoring, to eventual closure.


Our company was founded on social values and community contribution. Established in response to unmet community needs, we continue to identify and help solve the health and financial needs of the broader community. In turn, we have helped almost 1 million Australians create a brighter future with our health, wealth and living services.

The Project

In our organisation, we conduct both Data Integration and BI Reporting.


Data Integrating, for us, includes the integration of Private Health Insurance Statements (PHIS) data and manually collected flat files. There are many reasons why we integrate our data, one being so that we are able to filter by data fields such as fund discounts, brands etc.


There are many reasons we use BI Reporting. Some of the main uses are:

Development of a feature score methodology to compare features across the marketplace including a product comparison page

The functionality to develop new concept products and compare against the rest of the market. We do this so that the user can include premiums and additional product benefits to understand the impact on feature score versus price

A product reference table to enable the user to extract data into a format for manual manipulation including concept products

A strategic summary page which outlines product movements by fund including average premiums, new products introduced, deleted, and overall market positioning based on product tier and feature score relativity

The development of filters to be able to drill down in specific data sets (e.g. product type, competitors, scale, product classification (product tier – gold/silver/bronze/basic Gov classifications etc)

Development of a monthly competitor intelligence reporting framework and distribution process

What are some of the Major Challenges you’ve faced?


We had a number of challenges which needed to be addressed. We wanted to use our data to open our eyes to a range of information, from understanding our competitors and streamlining our processors, to uncovering potential risks and benefits of a product.

We were looking to summarise and rank our products against the competitive set of 38 health funds; a problem which involved a large data set, with a number of data attributes. Using data, we also wanted to improve our decision making and risk management, as well as improve competitor knowledge across the organisation via reporting and analysis.

There was also the process of product development, and how to enhance this process to eventually get products on the market sooner, as well as identify actual in-market positioning, opportunities and potential risks. And lastly, we faced the challenge of not being able to conduct a more in-depth analysis of competitor fund movements across a number of variables, including state, class and product types.

Why use Augmented CS skill and knowledge?

Having worked with the team on a similar project whilst at another health fund, I knew with confidence that they would be able to help us solve the variety of data challenges we had accumulated.

The Benefits

Even though we are currently only implementing changes into our test environment, the difference the project made to our beta version has been tremendous. We have already had assistance in decision making, understanding competitor movements and emerging trends.  I would recommend the team at Augmented Consulting Solutions to other organisations, due to their flexibility, ability to meet deadlines and how responsive they are to client needs. Augmented-CS are agile; they test their products and adapt well to problems.