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Value of Data and Explosion of Data Volumes

As the business world delves deeper into the possibilities of technology, there is no doubting the power and importance of data. When it comes to increasing your sales profitability, it can be difficult to know which steps are best to ensure that your people are making the most of the avalanche of data now available to them. Businesses must manage data from a myriad of sources – and it is important to know which channels are worth your time. With a landscape that is growing more complicated every day to increase efficiencies, manage costs while continuing to show profitability, there is one vital resource which businesses are not taking full advantage of.

This resource is offline data. The power of offline data is that it allows you to see behind the scenes of what is really driving your decisions, as well as giving you the confidence to know your data is whole before then using it to develop important strategies.

Did you know that large amounts of customer activity happen offline, including 90% of retail sales? This means that sales and marketers are missing huge amounts of data, data which could make or break growth strategies and decisions.

Data onboarding allows you to combine your offline data with your online data, allowing you to use both types of data with a complete understanding of what’s going on. In doing this, you are able to create targeted, personalised communication for customers, and in a time where customers need individual validation this is a smart decision. Data onboarding take the offline data and then links to the relevant data in the digital world, resulting in far more relevant strategy.

Having incomplete data is a real concern for businesses and markets alike, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. At Augmented Consulting Solutions, we are able to ensure you are making the most of all of your data, offline and online. You can be confident that our team will give you all the information you need to make the right decisions for your business, putting you one step ahead. For more information, visit our contact us website page  or contact us via email at

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