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Automating Sales Tasks

Sales reps face the constant battle of time management, and when it comes to completing those make-or-break tasks, finding the time can be difficult. By implementing a sales automation process, your business can maximise efficiency. In both a professional and personal sense, AI-powered software and tools are becoming a normal way to save time. Not only do companies with a sales automation process have a 53% conversion rate, they also have a 3.1% increase in annual revenue. Automating sales tasks is a budget friendly way to reduce your operating costs by up to 90%, according to a recent study.

There are a few sales tasks in particular which can benefit from automation, such as reporting, email personalisation and pipeline management.

When it comes to reporting, by automating your reporting process you free up valuable time to spend improving your business in other areas. As a sales manager, it can be frustrating when you’re scouring through out-of-date information to pull together a report. By automating this process, you can have confidence that your data is always up to date and relevant.

By personalising your email content, your audience will feel that you understand them, increasing your engagement rates. Personalising the first and last 10% of your emails seems to be the most effective strategy, and you can gather this data using a customers purchasing history, their personal information like age and gender, as well as tracking their awareness of your product.

The best way to monitor your leads is by automating your pipeline management system, which removes the urgency of manual tracking and ensures that quality leads aren’t lost. Automated sales processes allow you to generate leads with more accuracy, increasing your retention rate. Your lead prioritization and distribution can also be improved with automation. Sales automation helps your employees function at their best. A good sales automation system is easy to use, functional and effective. At Augmented Consulting Solutions, our team can help you achieve the highest level of efficiency using data. Contact us via out website  today or send an email to to find out more about what setting up a sales automation process can do for you. 

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