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Using analytics to drive business culture of continuous improvement

Most businesses will say they are focused on continuous improvement, ensuring they are not caught in the rut and are staying ahead of their competitors.  However, to be truly successful you need to drive continuous improvement as a culture and not just as a specific activity.

To fully understand why analytics can assist this process we should firstly talk about continuous improvement.

In whatever capacity it is, continuous improvement should always provide a value outcome.  Whether it is improving the bottom line, to product quality, safety and satisfaction of both employees and customers.

For companies that do track their return on investment (ROI) against their initiatives; and there are product solutions that can enable you to trust the outcome measures; the following statements can be made:

1 in 3 improvements have a Financial Impact
The other two thirds are just as important, with approx. 45% of those improving quality of goods and service, 10% increasing safety and 45% increasing staff and customer satisfaction

1 in 10 improvements save you money
Of all the improvement ideas implemented by your staff, you can expect approx. 10% of them will save you money.

1 in 4 improvements save you time
Staff members are great at finding ways to increase efficiencies, feeling proud to be assisting the business.  Its been noted that 1 in 4 of these improvements results in time savings, which allow resources to be repurposed to improve customer satisfaction, or it may help reduce the need to hire further resources.  Its been calculated that on average this type of time saving improvement saves approx. 1 hour a day.

When implemented well as a process, continuous improvement is extremely powerful in helping companies meet increased demands.  Most businesses look for leadership to drive initiatives, but a successful company involves everyone. 

Its recognised that engaging every employee in the culture of ongoing continuous improvement, encourages constant engagement, stronger teams and expands your business successes.  But what is the best way to strengthen this process….  Well one way is using analytics. 

Being able to visually see anomalies in your outcomes encourages questions and discussion points within the team, whatever your industry or division.  It may also be used within the industry for collaboration of challenges.  If you take a moment to think, I’m sure you will recall many that you have come across in your working/life so far. 

Those business improvements that have stood out for us have been:

Reviews Of Patient Bed Stays


Using analytics allows you to visually see the different cuts and dices of the data and using current tools you can use self-service to personally drill into questions and answers you wish to see.  This particular bed stay improvement identified that one particular surgeon, carrying out the same operation as other surgeons, found that his patients were spending 1 less day than other patients in hospital recovery.  Upon discussion of ‘how’ in a meeting, it was found that he did something slightly different in his operation procedure, enabling the patients to recover quicker.  Others then changed their style which created an improvement for the hospital overall on this type of surgery recovery bed stay. 

This improvement was further communicated at industry events, to allow other hospitals to review their statistics and make this improvement, and not just state-wide but globally.

Ongoing Improvement Reviews In Call Centre Productivity


Another improvement that has been gaining business improvement traction, has been by setting parameters of expected activities in your analytics, enabling review of the ‘phone status target times vs actual times.  Setting these parameters has allowed discussions of improved efficiencies to be had; comparing results of peers, discussing how to amend and improve processes or the training needs of individuals.  Using the drill downs, it has given staff the opportunity to review specifics of their process, procedures and knowledge and collaborate as team members, rather than all improvements being driven from senior management down

Compliance Reviews, Driving Staff actions To Benefit The Business


Demonstrating meeting compliance requirements is always high on the agenda, as compliance is a critical part of a business operation, protecting you from fines and lawsuits.  Its not however always embraced as a continual improvement area.  In-fact in many situations its dictated by management as an action for certain business members, taking management time and effort to drive the outcome.  This is an improvement itself to give management the ability to redirect their focus’ to other areas.  But when information is communicated in a collaborative way, your staff can take control of their actions which drives quicker business compliance, achieving the required business outcome more efficiently.

Have you ever thought of an automated report, being sent out? Well that is exactly what some of our customers are doing.  One customer had a starting point where some of their compliance actions had been outstanding for more than 90 days.  Setting up automated reporting allowed staff to see all the activities and progress globally; they were able to actively get together to bundle similar activities, across sites, to be more efficient addressing the business compliance requirements efficiently and cost effectively.  Over a 4-month period all actions were addressed, bringing the global report to handful of actions to be managed.  It’s now become a way of work and front of mind in a normal everyday activity for these staff. Improving not only safety but ability to be productive, where resources may not be able to work due to certifications being out of date.

Could Analytics Assist With Your Collaboration Of Continuous Improvement?


The above are only a few of the examples where analytics has assisted continuous improvements within a business, but ultimately, using analytics enables discussion of facts, with the added ability to predict potential outcomes of change, and assess risk of impact.  Its human nature to want to do better and succeed, and as leaders we can give our teams the ability to take more ownership to allow success together.

Our customers are continually improving their businesses using more complex visual analytics, achieving greater ROI than those attempting without such insights. They are continually improving their journey with higher staff collaboration, achieving their goals with ease.

Can you answer with confidence that you are a company that has all your team members collaborating towards continuous improvement?  Do you feel as if your business could do more?  The Augmented Consulting Solutions team have the knowledge and skills to take you on the journey for further success.  For more information, contact us via our website, or email direct at

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