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Can automated reporting assist you?

Augmented Consulting Solutions are always looking at the solution offerings that provide high value return for our customers, but one that hasn’t changed over the years is automated reporting.  This solution has assisted businesses year after year, not just financially but in time effort too.

We have also found that once it has been set up, and the customer is coached to their specific needs, they are able to continue to develop other automated reporting distributions themselves, furthering the business ongoing improvements and value add.

Too often businesses are spending 90% of time collating data and double checking it; and then 10% adding commentary.  This solution allows you to flip that and spend 10% of time collating from multiple sources and checking and 90% reviewing, discussing and putting in place the actions to drive further success.

The business benefits that companies are seeing immediately are just too great not to communicate, and its being used across all industries.

The History – Our product solution investigation

It started about 10 years ago and in our research found Vizubi, an amazing product that did everything it said on the tin, and more.  Easy and quick to set up, with affordable licensing, that outweighed the return.

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To ensure that our team fully understood the product inside and out, enabling us to seamlessly set it up and integrate it with business processes, we sent some of our team to the product experts in Venice, Italy.

It was in February 2015, that the announcement came that Qlik had acquired Vizubi into their suite of analytical product offerings.  Enabling further financial investment to be put into an already great product. At which point we sent team members to the Qlik offices to Lund, Sweden, to ensure we were up to date with all the product changes.

Qlik took the Vizubi NPrinting product and have opened up other opportunities, enabling businesses to continue to grow their solutions as new releases come out.  However, for us, knowing the history and the back-end product of where it had come from, has allowed us to continue to push the product to its full potential for our customers.

So is it a magic solution you ask!

It has felt that way over the years.  We have seen it as an umbrella to the solutions you have in place already.  Therefore, making it an improvement and not a replacement product for a data collecting solutions that you have in place.

Many products have their own features to distribute the analytics from their solution, but with Qlik Nprinting you can pull together multiple sources and distribute easily to any responsive source.

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So what are your Customers saying the benefits are for them?

At Augmented Consulting Solutions we are all about sharing success and knowledge, and not re-inventing the wheel.  We would love to connect you with our other customers, in similar industries or with similar challenges, where this report distribution solution has provided them with great benefits.  We believe in hearing firsthand, rather than just reading facts that we are presenting. 

As a consulting business we live by our Company Mission statements, and without true honesty and integrity we would not be able to claim these with confidence, therefore we like to connect you directly to have all your concerns answered without the Sales pitch. 

To view all our Mission statements visit our website

Augmented Consulting Services - Can automated reporting assist you? Image
However, to give you a flavor of some of the Customer comments:
  • It was easy to implement this change to our solution.
  • We have seen benefits already.
  • Allows for process management and refinement.
  • It uses repeatable back end logic, which provides significant efficiency over time.
  • We wanted to move away from the heavy time to collate report data and this has achieved this goal.
  • Our customers can now see their specific details on their smartphones or PC’s without having to action anything.  This report is collated and distributed to them automatically via email.
  • The solution has enabled us to provide automated updated visualizations to web content every 5 minutes.  Its increased awareness and communication, reducing non urgent requests.
  • Quarterly reports used to take days to collate, now they are automated.  The solution sends the specific reports to each recipient.  Currently there are 140.
  • Reports are produced on demand, at the touch of a button, for individual practices.
  • Staff have been able to re-focus their time on their primary goal rather than collating data and producing a document.
  • We have combined the solution with Qlik Analytics, to serve as a single system, for both interactive analytics and reporting.  Adding this solution has saved 20 to 30 man hours per week on reporting costs.

So back to the original question ‘Can automated reporting assist you?’

If you are thinking this might but still have more questions and research to do, as we strongly believe we have the greatest expertise in Australia to deliver this successfully, please reach out to us to enable us to assist, via our website contact page, or via email; We can provide you with more examples, connections to existing customers as stated above, or work with you on providing this solution as a proof of concept in part of your business.  With the evidence we have seen over the years, you will receive benefits immediately.  We would love to help you gain this value.

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